January 26, 2010

twill shawl off the loom

The shawl is finished! Wove it off in one night- maybe 3 hours? Not bad for weaving with a sticky shaft 8 that I had to manually push back down to keep a clean shed. It is a loose weave, but washing should full it out. Going to send it unannounced to my aunt, because unannounced packages are really the best ones.
I took photos today on my lunch break at Bryant park while on the way to the library for more weaving books- I am so lucky to work so close to the main branch. Oh look at those London Plane Trees! So beautiful. Can't wait for springtime.

oh, also a flat to see the strong twill line! I tried my best to blend the colors, but a few of the yarn blotches got the best of me.

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