March 12, 2010

Creating Cloth: twills

swatch for jacket-weight cloth

handwritten draft

Here is an 11 shaft fancy twill draft: my notes and the WeaveDesign file- I really prefer to use the "Mary Atwater" style drawdown of a top-down drawing because in my head I see it as an above view of the loom, treadles and cloth, but WeaveDesign uses bottom-up. I have had to readjust my thought process and I am still working out the kinks. This can be seen in a comparison of the handwritten and computer written drafts. The twill is going in the opposite direction- which is probably the fault of the treadling, as I keep translating parts of the patterns inversely, instead of just rotating them. I also left out the variation in yarn thickness- there are very thin tabby threads stabilizing the cloth- this does come from a swatch for jackets after all. And I also didn't mark the color variations- this is a black and white warp with blue weft. Despite all these inconsistencies, I like the draft that came out of all of this. It would create an entirely different look, but I think it could be very nice.
face of cloth

back of cloth

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