March 27, 2010

quahog memorial at easton's beach

Two weekends ago I went to my hometown in the littlest state and my favorite, lil' rhody. It was wonderful: sunshine everywhere, ocean every day, the first icy ocean dip, and a Providence reunion. On my last visit to the beach, we walked Cliff Walk in Newport and ended at 1st beach, which is officially Easton's Beach. There had been recent storms, and the beach was littered with quahog shells. I started covering a rock with the shells. My company joined in, and soon we were methodically creating quahog shell patterns on the rocks.

We were creating order out of chaos, creating a quahog memorial. It was a really great reminder that art does not have to be so serious. that it should be fun. A reminder that I should be more lighthearted in my approach to my work.


Meg in Nelson said...

Lovely! But with the next high tide, will it all go away?

Julia said...

oh thanks Meg! the tide usually doesn't get up quite that high, but if there's another storm (or enthusiastic beach combers!) it will probably slowly disintigrate.

sampling said...

This reminds me of sue Lawty's world beach project. do you know about that?