July 27, 2010

Cerulean & White Tea Towels and Slummer Nights

I am working on cerulean and white tea towels with sharp diagonal lines. Clean, crisp, contemporary colors. The exciting thing about this construction is that on the loom, the cloth is very flat, and the pattern is not very defined. But take it off the loom, and the threads respond by creating a slightly puffed, very defined diagonal pattern. I love letting the yarn personally create the characteristics of a cloth. They lend the shape, the hand, the finish, the construction. They are tools in creating cloth, not just the subject or object of this work.

I've been trying to get into the studio as much as possible, but I've been juggling various life responsibilities and getting my act together. Tomorrow evening, I'll be headed to my cousin's gallery on the edge of Chinatown- CANADA gallery at 55 Chrystie Street, for an evening of 30 short artist videos that will be kicking off Slummer Nights, better explained by their press release:

9:00pm Cleopatra's presents: 30 short artist videos with live score by Hex Message
Projection is a program compiled by Cleopatra’s, featuring 33 emerging artists and filmmakers. The screening consists of 3-minute, black-and-white silent videos produced in response to the phrase Future Tense. Contributing artists are: Benedetti/Brown, Ed Brown, Jay Buim, Mary Helena Clark, Liam Everett, Loretta Fahrenholz, Petrova Giberson, Rebecca Gilbert, Kate Gilmore, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Jane Hsu, Scott Hug, Craig Kalpakjian, Ellie Krakow, Tobias Kaspar, Summer Kemick, Kyle Knodell, Josh Kolbo, Andres Laracuente, Kylie Lockwood, Zeljko McMullen, Robert Melee, Miss Joan Marie Moossy, JJ Peet, Sean Raspet, Birgit Rathsmann, Chris Rice, Mariah Robertson, Davina Semo, Brad and Vaughn Taormina, TIME STEREO, James Woodward, Olivia Wyatt

If you're in the city, come on down! It is sure to be spectacular.

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