August 6, 2010

Hot August, Ready For Fall

Something about getting things done makes getting even more done very tempting. I've been weaving as much as one can with a full-time job, wishing there were more hours in the day or weekend. I've been preparing to buy all my fall/winter yarn very soon, and I remembered a skein of brown and cream alpaca that I had bought about 5 years ago in Schenectady. I thought, I'm making all these things for work and business and profit, and I haven't made anything for fun in such a long time. So I went looking for this skein, to no avail. I made a major move about a year ago, and a lot is still in storage in two different states. I found this cream skein instead- something I picked up in school- by its cool, sleek hand, I believe it's alpaca. It already had been knit about 2" of a pattern from Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary. I had stopped because of what seemed to be an error in the pattern- a lack of decrease to make a zigzag- it just kept adding stitches... so I decided to start again with this yarn- I liked the first section of the zigzag so much, I decided to continue it through the entire scarf. It is a raised and isolated rib- very lightweight and very plush. It is going to be such a delicious scarf, although probably won't be very long. Alas. I'll be happy to be knitting on the subway from now until fall- with circular needles being of the utmost importance! (straight needles take up too much space, and are a bit of a safety hazard during rush hour!) One more project to add to an already very long list. I'll just keep chugging along- momentum is key.

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