September 1, 2010

the art street journal

The other day I received the art street journal- a newspaper sent from Carmichael Gallery in Culver City, (Los Angeles) CA to anywhere in the world for free. This issue looks like one of the best so far, with better quality paper and color photos inside. In my learning-all-I-can-about-the-ART-world pursuits, here in one of the capital cities of art, it has been easy to overlook the rest of the world's differences in style and trends. The art street journal, paired with reading more blogs based on the west coast, like Arrested Motion, have given me a larger sense of the US's art world, and have reminded me that some of the elite gallery owners/museum curators/art stars (certainly not all, but a few) in New York are not the end all be all. LA and New York seem to have such differences in attitude- LA appears to be so much more accepting of street art, graffiti and untrained artists than I've seen in New York. That's not to say it doesn't exist in New York, but- (and here I feel myself slipping into a jumbled thought process about it all; I'm not a trained critic/writer, and can certainly use MUCH more never-ending education about everything) the aura about the "established" art world here seems much more traditional, while the "established" art world in LA seems more than happy to allow non-traditional artists into its folds. Basically what I'm saying to you is, subscribe. It is lovely to read a true newspaper on the subway that is not the AmNY or Metro. Ai.

cover photo by Boogie

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