October 26, 2010

Building Tapestry Frames

In all the time that I went without a floor loom (a sort of two-year creative desert for other reasons) I very often thought and dreamed about weaving. But somehow I was holding myself back, restricting my thoughts on what I could and could not do in regard to weaving and so I focused on other projects. Since the Baby Wolf floor loom arrived, it has seldom sat vacant. It also seems that I have been weaving just as much off-loom, from my P2P piece, Weaving the Grasses of America series, and now a still unnamed series in progress. I am weaving more than ever!

Another revelation has been tapestry. It snuck up on me- I have dabbled with it from time to time, but it hadn't stolen my heart until recently. Portable weaving! To start this next series, I built four frames from 1/2x2"s using a mitre box, drill, clamps, brads, wood glue and my weaving stool as a workbench. It is time for me to start using the woodshop down the hall! The first two frames above were for working out the kinks- a bit of uneven drilling went away with practice. I'd love to use a drill press for the following frames. After assembling the pieces, I stained them with the same stain I used for the Weaving the Grasses of America tapestry loom I built and then warped the frames with cotton carpet warp.

I'd like to keep the project under wraps for now, but the last picture shows the yarn I will be using, sent to me by my lovely aunt Beth- she has been so generous with yarn!

the weaving stool acts as my work bench for now

the frames in progress

deliciously colored tapestry wool

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