December 5, 2011

Windsor's orange & gray waffle scarf

Autumn Bread

I love this time of year.  I've dug out warm scarves and coats, and have been baking bread and making pots and pots of tea. It has been really lovely to see autumn unfold a bit more visibly here compared to the last apartment. The trees out my windows had an amazing display of red and gold leaves, although they're gone now. Yesterday I happened upon boughs of blue spruce, tied them to the back of my bike and made wreaths with neighbors!

I've also been weaving up a storm, and the latest is a waffly pumpkin orange scarf that is perfect for containing heat! It is next in the series that draws inspiration from squares. I made this scarf with a traditional waffle weave in mind, but created a different type of cell structure. It is made of wool and mohair, with yarn from NY and Russia. I made one for myself because waffle is my favorite weave structure, and have been wearing it around town. It is so warm and soft. I've put it the other up for sale here.

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