November 12, 2012

Indigo Dye Days

Recently, a guild member hosted an indigo dye day at his house as a fundraiser for the new dye garden. Many people from the guild spent all day dyeing- I arrived late, but was lucky enough to get a bit of dyeing in on cotton and linen cloth! Each successive dip in the indigo vat adds a deeper blue- I wish I had had the time to build up a darker navy, but I'm still pleased with the results. I have a few ideas in mind for the cloth, but will need a bit of time.

The last time I dyed with indigo was almost 5 years ago- I loved the green vat and oily top, the building  and maintenance of the dye vat, and the way the indigo responded to the slightest resist. I had stitched into silk, and the indigo resisted each and every stitch, leaving lovely line work behind. I'll have to dig it out one of these days and re-photograph it... And dream of my own indigo vat for every shade of blue...

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