April 7, 2013

DesignSponge Sneak Peek of Our Apartment

Last Monday, our apartment was featured on the Sneak Peek section of DesignSponge!

It was an honor to be included. After living in some small and window-challenged apartments in Brooklyn, the apartment in Philly was an inspiration in and of itself! As someone who can't get enough of staring at other people's interiors and architecture, (and is often overtaken by dreaming of that "perfection" and by maybe even a bit of jealousy at renovations like re-tiling, custom appliances, painting- oh the joys of rentals!) helping clean for the photo shoot and arranging things just so reminded me that the photos we see are the best representations of those spaces, and we all have weeks of work-eat-sleep that make keeping that perfection up a bit difficult...

(of course the loom was included!)

It is exciting to have such lovely photos for our long-term memory, and such kind comments on the post. I'm looking forward to spring cleaning everything once the weather gets better!

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MegWeaves said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! But I don't want to clean my place!!!!!