April 18, 2013

A Green Sari Wedding Dress for Erin

Friends Erin + Jay were married in the summer of 2011, the weekend after we moved from Brooklyn to Philadelphia. Almost all of their wedding elements were contributions from friends- (I sewed the dress!) The photography was no exception: Syd London took all of the photos in this post (since we were in the midst of moving, we foolishly forgot to bring a camera!) Recently, their wedding was featured on Offbeat Bride, which showcases unique and non-traditional weddings.

The wedding was one of the best I've been to- completely honoring them as people and as a couple. They are really great at bringing people together, and although I only knew a few people beforehand, I met so many lovely guests- the community they had built was so welcoming.

On to the dress: Erin had a vision, and I helped her create it. We went sourcing in the Little India section of Jackson Heights, Queens for the beautiful lime green cotton gauze sari, (or saree) with lovely purple and blue woven inlay dots throughout the pallu. She wanted a party dress that she could wear again if she wanted, so we settled on a fitted bodice and pleated skirt. The pallu was used to create the gathered bustle. The sari edge was sewn into a sash, with gold zigzag motif on one side and the grape purple/blue and pink stripes on the other. She wore a white crinoline under the skirt for a perfect vintage A-line shape. And she found beautiful gold jewelry and amazing graphic grape and pink heels that pulled everything together.

April 7, 2013

DesignSponge Sneak Peek of Our Apartment

Last Monday, our apartment was featured on the Sneak Peek section of DesignSponge!

It was an honor to be included. After living in some small and window-challenged apartments in Brooklyn, the apartment in Philly was an inspiration in and of itself! As someone who can't get enough of staring at other people's interiors and architecture, (and is often overtaken by dreaming of that "perfection" and by maybe even a bit of jealousy at renovations like re-tiling, custom appliances, painting- oh the joys of rentals!) helping clean for the photo shoot and arranging things just so reminded me that the photos we see are the best representations of those spaces, and we all have weeks of work-eat-sleep that make keeping that perfection up a bit difficult...

(of course the loom was included!)

It is exciting to have such lovely photos for our long-term memory, and such kind comments on the post. I'm looking forward to spring cleaning everything once the weather gets better!

February 5, 2013

Winter Studio Momentum

There's been a lot of weaving going on in the studio recently- of old and new ideas.
I like documenting the process, but don't always take the next steps to get the images to this blog.
I have really been enjoying Instagram for its short and sweet nature- the pictures show little pieces of the story so well. My username is julialines, and if you don't have it as an app, you can see recent posts here.

November 12, 2012

Indigo Dye Days

Recently, a guild member hosted an indigo dye day at his house as a fundraiser for the new dye garden. Many people from the guild spent all day dyeing- I arrived late, but was lucky enough to get a bit of dyeing in on cotton and linen cloth! Each successive dip in the indigo vat adds a deeper blue- I wish I had had the time to build up a darker navy, but I'm still pleased with the results. I have a few ideas in mind for the cloth, but will need a bit of time.

The last time I dyed with indigo was almost 5 years ago- I loved the green vat and oily top, the building  and maintenance of the dye vat, and the way the indigo responded to the slightest resist. I had stitched into silk, and the indigo resisted each and every stitch, leaving lovely line work behind. I'll have to dig it out one of these days and re-photograph it... And dream of my own indigo vat for every shade of blue...

November 9, 2012

Holiday Sale at PGHW

Handwoven and Embroidered Tea Towels for PGHW Holiday Sale

I'll be selling my tea towels in all colors for three days during the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers' Holiday Sale! Starting this Friday November 9th through Sunday November 11th at the guild house in Manayunk.
Friday November 9th:  6-8pm
Saturday November 10th:  10am-4pm
Sunday November 11th:  12-4pm

Handwoven and Embroidered Tea Towels for PGHW Holiday Sale

Handwoven and Embroidered Tea Towels for PGHW Holiday Sale

All boxed up and ready to be dropped off! I also have pretty new business cards / tags with a new logo! (designed by Lydia Nichols)

Handwoven and Embroidered Tea Towels for PGHW Holiday Sale

November 3, 2012

Small Works at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym

Last night was First Friday in Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym put on a Small Works show. It was so good to go out after a really long two weeks to see friends and some really lovely work in a neighborhood I don't spend much time in. (I have three of my While You Were Sleeping pieces in it!)

The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym won the Knight Arts Challenge in 2011, and it was started "to help Philadelphia sculptors create their works safely by creating a “sculpture gym” where artists can use heavy-duty tools, have storage space and get one-on-one help with projects."

Although they are still in the midst of finishing the space, the vision is really impressive. The gallery is in full swing, already hosting shows featuring casting and wood processes and a solo show by Terri Aluise. There will be classroom space, a woodshop, hot and cold metal shops, and storage space. I'm definitely considering a membership there!

October 28, 2012

Consigning with the Textile Arts Center

I'm excited to announce that I'll be consigning a selection of tea towels at the Textile Arts Center's Manhattan location this fall/winter! The Textile Arts Center holds classes, workshops and exhibitions on all manner of fiber art in two NYC locations- one in the original location (in my old neighborhood!) in Brooklyn, and one in Manhattan's West Village, where the shop is located. They also have an online shop found here!

There are so many beautiful pieces for sale- I especially love the Degen Sockies. So cute. And with winter coming up, I am wishing for them for my soon-to-be-cold toes! So stop by their shop in the West Village, or take a look online! 

See their incredible collection of looms below! Weaving dream-world.