January 13, 2010

Premiere Vision 2011

January 12/13th was the Premiere Vision Preview show for fabric in NYC. I went yesterday as my work requires, to see what the Spring/Summer '11 should look like. The first time I went, I could have stayed for hours, looking through all the fabric selections. This year, it was really all over the place. Even the color chart was a mix of incongruous neutrals and pops of fluorescent color. There was your generic floral spot, mix of "ethnic" elements, and a nautical theme. Haven't we seen this all before? I absolutely adore fabric, and a
good piece of fashion can make my heart skip. But the fashion industry has a scarily similar "projecting" aspect to it that reminds me of the stock exchange. We in the fashion industry go to these "forcasting" shows for inspiration and to know what will be "next" in the waves of fashion trends. It's all about one trend idea and fitting it to your particular customer/marketing base. Going with the flow. What if they didn't listen? What if it was all left up to chance? Ha. Then no one would make the massive amounts of money they wanted. (although this is no longer true for most) It's best, for them, to be seen as one powerhouse of retail trending. Alas.

(all images © Premiere Vision)

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