January 8, 2010

push and pull sequins

(a few quick patterns)

SEQUINS. You may be seeing a lot of them around- currently they seem to be everywhere. And they are probably not going away anytime soon, based on the amount of sequins we've been sampling at work. Solid, metallic, matte, printed, embroidered, embedded in faux fur... and that's only for our specific target market. oh boy! Today, what I might call my favorite sequins so far in the assortment came in. I suppose technically they are paillettes, since the hole is off-center. These are two different colors on each side and are able to be flipped by dragging your fingers across them. I can't help but be intrigued by the construction. Like finger drawing patterns in a plush rug or couch. Vacuuming carpet. The rows of cut grass left after mowing a baseball field.

It reminds me of the other "design-it-yourself" clothing coming from artists and fashion designers lately. Such as the "renewable clothing" from Fernando Brizio. Although I am skeptical as to its renewable properties, functionality and practicality, I love the concept. Here's another approach based on the rug idea: Giles Miller 'Miranda' Surface Tiles via dornob.

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