February 21, 2010

friday at MoMa

On Friday at lunch, I rode up to the MoMa to walk around the galleries. I try to do something useful on my lunches so that my day feels worthwhile. Attempting to visit MoMa on Friday afternoons is always a precarious choice- throngs of visitors coming in on the cusp of Free Fridays can really crowd the galleries. Free art in any permutation is a Good Idea, but it can be a bit hard to concentrate on the objects in the galleries when it seems that every other person is either posing with Marilyn or viewing the artwork with solely a camera lens. What has happened to experience? Time. Thoughtfulness. Associating. Respect. Documenting has a time and place, but much of it seems to be more of a visual consumerism or collecting. Of course, after thinking all of this, I took some photos, contradicting my own words, thinking that this would be the best time for a secret camera embedded in my glasses. Oh what a childhood dream I still wish to come true.

I visit my favorite pieces every time I come, one of them being Jean Dubuffet's "Soul of the Underground" from "Matériologies." It's oil and aluminum on composition board. What deliciousness. I love the subtle color changes, textures, size, and framing.

"Wall with Inscriptions" Jean Dubuffet 1945

"Joë Bousquet in Bed" Jean Dubuffet 1947 (avec les Gauloises et tout!)

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