February 16, 2010

llot llov light love

I came across these lights in researching wire and wool for a work in progress, and had to share them. They are from llot llov - a collaboration with la la berlin. Wire can be such a beautiful sketching tool, and of course I am partial to the knitting and wrapped wool. Such a delicious mix of hard and soft, light and grey, sweet and distressed.

What is on the progress list for me currently is wire and wool- it has been slow going since summer 09, but i have a deadline of 4 weeks from today, so I have hit a stride. However, after wrapping all the wire to make the connections between pieces, it occurred to me that a soldering iron might make my life much easier, not to mention quicken my pace significantly. So, it's off to soldering research for me! I love adding tools to my collection. The more tools and skills that are mastered, the more precise an idea can be executed... must keep learning! there is so much to learn.

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