May 10, 2010

Pics to Picks final sketches

After a bit of a working lull, recovering from the Spare Room Gallery show last Saturday night, I thought I would post my sketches for the Pics to Picks Challenge. I've done a bunch of sketching, but I was having quite a bit of difficulty in choosing which photo to use for inspiration. The mossy bark is really beautiful, but my sketches could probably only be achieved by a 24 shaft or jacquard loom, despite my best efforts to fit them into my 8 shaft constraints... I love the linear nature of the stone stairs and the angled column shadows. The stone stairs could be packed tapestry-like warp with floating warps. The shadowed columns could be kente cloth inspired strips sewn in angled patterns. I'm still debating which to do, if not both. After my tea towels are off the loom (they've been stalled because of shuttle and threading issues) I'll start on these. I am running a bit behind- always rushing I am! But there's nothing like a tight deadline for motivation!

1 comment:

Meg in Nelson said...

I hope you solve your problems quickly and get the towels off so you can get on to the project. Says the one who still hasn't decided on the photo yet! My favorite colors, vs interesting shapes.