July 4, 2011

summer studio

wedding dress, philadelphia, CANADA gallery art show
(a painting at CANADA gallery, the new apartment, sari wedding dress)

It seems like the new year just started. How is it that it's already July?
With a new job, much better than the last, the months have flown by. A lot has changed, and a lot is about to change. I'm switching cities too- after 8 years in New York state, I'm off to Pennsylvania. Packing has started, especially the studio. My sewing machines and loom are the only things remaining. I'm currently working on a friend's wedding dress (for July 31!) and a multi-colored warp and gray weft cotton/wool blanket. The new place will have windows! natural light! space for visitors! although I will miss my current studio's spacious ceilings, loft storage, artist neighbors, and Lowe's hardware store next-door. The new space will also promote focus. I have a tendency to want to do everything at once, and this will be a good reminder to focus. Depth, not breadth. At least for now.

More thoughts to come, especially since this month is a good one for mid-year resolutions. Getting things done: mending & tailoring clothes, building a lamp, sewing curtains, a California wedding, and sleeping with Sequoias.

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