March 28, 2012

New Colors Tea Towels Sneak Peak

During the last few cooler months I continued weaving more tea towels in various colors, and many new patterns! I have a stash started and they are sitting on my industrial sewing machine, waiting to be sewn.

This is the blue and white version of the Dot-Dot tea towel pattern. They are all now washed and dried, just waiting to be sewn. They full really well in the wash, making the dots much more clear.

Other than weaving lots, this is what I'd like my spring to look like: Manual of Home Repairs, Sewing Made Easy, Interpreting Literature, Picture Book of Perennials. We have the garden sketched and planned, all the seeds and soil- just need to plant, organize and wait!

Right and Wrong ways of dressing

Smocking and stitching techniques from Sewing Made Easy (1960).

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