August 12, 2012

Early Morning Studio Session

Although not a morning person, I love being up early, with the sun new and low, coming through the trees. The little succulent garden loves their sunny location as well, with the African Violet in full bloom, the Jade finally recovering after a hail storm almost two years ago, and a Crown of Thorns cutting thriving after just a few months.

A few mornings ago, I wove off the new patterned tea towels in green, and prepared for the next coral warp. All the newest colors are finally woven, just needing their embroidered linen counterparts to be finished before they're listed in the shop.

It's getting to be a busy time in the little studio, as spoon butter is next up on the to-make list. All of this is in preparation for the better-not-mentioned-now events of the cooler months, but for now, I'll gladly enjoy these sunny mornings, long evening walks, fruit everywhere, and truly summertime adventures, like a visit to Lil Rhody full of the beach and crabtown, a lobster and quahog boil, and a dance-filled wedding.

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