September 24, 2012

Tea Towel Collection premiere

My collection of tea towels is finally here! Inspired by bright, crisp mornings, freshly baked bread, and a pot of tea (with milk please!), they would make any kitchen proud this fall (or spring! Hello southern hemisphere!)

It's fitting, that with these kitchen towels getting ready to adventure to new homes, the weather in the northeast has been picture perfect, I've been baking sourdough bread nonstop, and my first thoughts when getting out of bed in the morning are of my first cup of tea.

Four patterns of handwoven cloth make up this collection: (the ever-popular) Dot, Lace Stripe, Tiny Leaf, and Lattice. I love their tiny, delicate graphic patterns, and the weave structures that balance color and that perfect towel handfeel. Each is paired with a crisp, white linen towel that has been embroidered with lines or crisscrosses of corresponding colors.

Although the patterns may be delicate, these are meant for an illustrious kitchen career. Each towel is machine washable and can be tumble dried. The handwoven towels are made with 100% cotton yarns and the embroidered towels are 100% linen with mercerized cotton thread. They measure about 16x23".

I'm offering free shipping on all tea towel orders. Stay tuned for collection additions and updates as well as other homegoods on the horizon!


Meg in Nelson said...

Love-Lee! I like the linen towel addition. But may I ask - is your bird upside down?? Is that just for me?????

Julia Lines said...

Aw shucks! thanks Meg. The bird is a sculpture from a Polish artist :) made upside down.